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21 August 2016 @ 09:00 pm
This sentence popped into my mind last week and I can't remember what it is from.

It's something like:

Mark this down, take notice


Write this down, take notice

Possibly in reverse order. I feel like it's from a movie, book or poem and that it is a man or possibly a woman saying it and the context is that they are going to say something important or that something important is happening/had happened to them. I think they are upset/angry.

I tried searching movie and book quotes and had no luck. I feel like I'm hearing someone say it, so I think it's most likely from a movie.

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Hey, guys! Help with a thing that's driving me kind of completely mad?

I was assigned a short play to read back in high school - everyone in the class was given a little play-book for it, I remember it being quite short, poetic but with, iirc, pretty short lines. I ended up falling in love with it, but of course now I can't find it ANYWHERE and I can't remember the title or playwrite or most of the defining characteristics, so I can't even look it up online to re-read it or replace it.

It was fairly modern, I remember that much. Not with regards to when it was written (though, kind of that too? I was assigned it back in 2004-2005, and I think it was written sometime during the 90s or 2000s), but with regards to the setting. It took place in some city, there was... some sort of focus on a few of the characters using drugs, I think maybe it referenced Icarus at some point, with regards to getting high and the crash that happened after, or something like that?

That wasn't the only Greek/Roman mythology reference, either; I'm almost 100% certain there was a character that was implied that he might actually be Hermes/Mercury - I think the character's name might even have been M, or something? - and that he was somehow involved in the main character (one of the main characters?)'s drug use.

I don't remember anything else about it, to be honest. I think I recall it being kind of dreamlike, but that might just be because my memories of it are so vague... I can't remember how it ended, or what the "main plot" was, if it had one. Help?
So all I remember is a guy and a girl getting pulled over, and the guy was trying to get the girl to do things in the car (nudge nudge, wink wink).

The cop recognizes the girl and asks her when her.. 16th birthday i think.. is and the guy's all freaked out cuz he thought she was 18..

I keep thinking it was on True Blood and the guy was Jason Stackhouse but I don't think it is. But it had the same feel. Help help!

11 August 2016 @ 10:03 pm
Hi guys,
My boyfriend showed me the Wikipedia article about the Euthanasia Coaster, a concept for a roller coaster designed to kill its riders. I was like "Yeah, I read a short story about something like that," but the one I remember doesn't sound like the plot of 'Vladimir Chong Chooses To Die,' the story mentioned on the Wikipedia page for the coaster. In the one I remember, I'm pretty sure the rollercoaster was on an island that people with terminal diseases would book luxury vacations on before riding the coaster. I think it was a brother and sister or similar who were doing it together because they had both inherited some genetic defect that would eventually kill them. The protagonist of the story is the brother, I think, and he keeps noticing how everyone working on the island has strangely bright eyes. At the end of the story he rides the rollercoaster but survives, and learns that everyone working on the island also survived. The strange tint to their eyes is apparently a result of taking the ride. It's really going to bother me if I can't remember who wrote this story or what it was called, lol. The only authors I can remember reading short story compilations from recently are Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman, and I didn't get any results by Googling their names along with keywords like "rollercoaster" "eye color" "suicide" etc. I also tried just googling the key words about the plot on their own without an author name, but didn't turn up anything either. Anyone have any suggestions?
08 August 2016 @ 06:53 pm
Hi all,
I read a plot for either a movie or a TV show and I am hoping someone can help me find out what it is...

From what I can remember - A big firm hires a lawyer to represent a client who they have set up and want found guilty but as they lawyer goes along she/he is thinking the client isn't guilty and wants to help the client.

Can't remember much else.

Thanks heaps in advance for any help.
29 July 2016 @ 09:24 pm
Since our beloved kickasstorrents was taken down by the feds (RIP sweet princess), I'm trying to remember a direct downloading site that I used to use a few years ago, but can't remember what it's called. It had both movies and tv shows. The background was maroon. They had multiple links like factoryfile, rapidshare, bitshare, etc. If anyone knows what site I'm talking about, I'd be forever grateful bc I can't remember it for the life of me and I'm an idiot who didn't save it to my bookmarks.
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23 July 2016 @ 11:31 pm

There was a Facebook meme/video that was making the rounds about 6 months ago. It featured a lesbian finding a note from her girlfriend that she was "going back to dicks". She was having an epic meltdown over the note until the girlfriend came home and pointed out that she was talking about the sporting goods store.

Please help me find it! Searching "lesbian" and "back to dicks" in the same search bar leads to horrifying results, none of which are the right one.

Thank you!
22 July 2016 @ 05:34 pm
A man in Los Angeles did a lot of driving for his job. (I don't think he was a cab-driver, but maybe a delivery-person?). He had a dashboard camera and the feed was on his website between two vertical panels with blue images of traffic and highways. This would have been after 2003 and before mid-2005.

The live-feed wasn't a stream, but an image that refreshed itself constantly. It was labelled in the upper left corner with the neighborhood that the driver was in (Compton, Van Nuys, etc.). I liked this site a lot, for some reason, and used to peek in frequently. But it isn't on my list of favourite links from 2006, so I'm guessing the site went down. I'd be curious to poke around it on the Internet Archive, though. If anyone happens to remember more about it than I do, I'd be grateful! Any ideas? Thanks!
21 July 2016 @ 08:00 am
Hihi! I'm looking for the name of an singer. It's a woman and she put out this album about, or at least, 6 years ago (I think.) I don't remember her name or the album's name but I do remember some of what was in the songs.

One had her comparing her boyfriend to various religious figures like Buddha (not positive references, I think.) Another was about her being lazy and wanting an ice cream from an ice cream truck (but I think she was too lazy to go outside -- not sure.) Another was her saying she'd be a pet to whatever guy it was.

I know these are weird and vague. It's been forever since I heard it so I'm not certain about any of them. XD
09 July 2016 @ 04:14 pm
My husband is trying to find a movie he used to love as a kid. This would have been in the 90's so the movie is at least around 20 years old. The only things he remembers is that it was in a similiar style to The Jetsons, almost like a ripoff, with servant robots and flying cars.