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The film would've come out before 1985 or so, when I remember having rented the VHS. It was in color, and originally in a language other than English; it was also not an anime.

Here's the scenario: two villains are dancing around a cauldron, gleefully gloating over the poison they're concocting and ennumerating every noxious ingredient they can lay hands on; they even have recourse to an extensive library of poison cookbooks because of course they do.

The henchman keeps piping up with ditzy suggestions that his boss scornfully dismisses.

It's a vigorous uptempo cabaret-Orientalist number similar in feel to "Istanbul, Not Constantinople"; I seem to recall that the villains were Middle Eastern or Indian stereotypes (opposing white or white-presenting heroes.)

ETA: 2/21/17: The song is "Le Pouding a l'Arsenic" from Asterix et Cléopatre (1968); thank you, rhiannon_s!
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17 February 2017 @ 11:13 pm
This is possibly a long shot.

I remember watching a very obscure (as in, nobody well known) play through on youtube of an indie video game. It was first person, had a narrator, and it was about this narrator trying to psychoanalyze the guy who designed the levels because they knew each other online and he was the only one who got to see them. No combat or anything... the theme was basically isolation/depression/obsession. I truly don't even know if it was a real game or if the video itself was actually it.

Any leads would be really appreciated, though!

ETA: Found! It was The Beginner's Guide. :)
12 February 2017 @ 12:16 pm
Does anyone remember a song from the late 90s that seemed to be in a ton of romance movie trailers: Something along the lines of "kissing rain" or something that rhymes with it.

But it isn't Kissing Rain by Roch Voisine. Help! 
09 February 2017 @ 06:35 pm
There's a movie from the late 80s to mid 90s, in which a man lights a small-ish bottle rocket at something like a 4th of july gathering that appeared to fizzle out in the sky, much to the crowd's disappointment, and then it explodes like an atomic bomb. The man also put on sunglasses before it did.

It's probably a comedy. I'm pretty sure it's not a chevy chase film. Anybody remember it?
28 January 2017 @ 06:44 pm
i'm trying to remember an r&b song i heard in whatever i was watching at the time, lmao i can't even remember the movie/tv show or any of the lyrics! i think the song is from the 90's/2000 though. all i remember is the word emotion being used, i won't play with your emotions?? something like that. please help, this is the worst ear worm!

ETA: male singer, possibly a group?
20 December 2016 @ 10:04 am
I've searched a bit on Google and Wiki, but my brain is all worn out trying to find the right keywords to sift out the right game from all the similar games. So, longshot question time while my brain recharges!

Right! So, I played this game sometime between the mid-90's and early to mid-00's.
It was a PC game.
It maaaay have had King or Kingdom in the title.

In this game you ran a kingdom. I believe you needed to acquire gold or resources in order to purchase and level up various buildings. Which buildings and in what order was part of the strategy of the game.

A lot of the buildings generated various minions who could protect your kingdom from invaders or monsters or some sort of threat. I remember a wizard tower, some sort of cleric/healer/priestess building, a foresty tangle that made druidy? dudes, some monks, maybe? who were like sun-themed? All of the minions and their buildings had a pretty unique style and even though they were basically cannon fodder, the game gave them all neat names that matched their theme. (You could rename them all Bob if you wanted, but they started with fun names. The foresty guys had especially weird names like "Piquant Ant" which I only remember because that's how I learned the word piquant!) I have a vague feeling that you might have been inviting/hiring these diverse groups to help protect your kingdom.

There was also a building that I think generated Heroes (or where you could hire/train them) who might have been stronger than the regular minions and you probably sent them off to do Hero Missions.

I think the way the game worked was you would pick a "level" to play and then you would have x amount of time to set up your kingdom before stuff started happening. And you'd lose if all your minions died or your castle got destroyed. Something like that. I only played this game briefly and it was aaaages ago. But it looked pretty cool and it was a little silly and I remember it fondly enough that I wish I could remember it properly!

So...any of this vague mess ringing any bells?
11 December 2016 @ 11:03 pm
So I was watching Buffy with a friend of mine, and I remember reading a bit of trivia recently that in a scene of a tv show/movie, they used the Buffy love theme sped up in the background. But for the LIFE OF ME, I can't remember what movie/tv show.

All I know is that it was kind of a newer movie/tv show? Ugh. I've tried Googlefu, but to no avail. Thanks guys!
05 December 2016 @ 07:33 pm
I am trying to find a book for my wife that she read when she was 11 years old. It was written in the late 60s/early 70s. She cannot remember the title or the author, but it was about a nursing home, and the people there were treated badly, so they decided to set fire to the home and they all died in the fire. It was fictional. Does anybody have any idea what this book is, because she cannot remember what it was called.
15 November 2016 @ 11:54 pm
It was a miniseries or one time TV event back in the eighties, about the same time they made the full color Hitchcock Presents episode about the lady who tries to sneak out of prison in a coffin. It seemed to have a similar feel to it, but in the TV movie, the woman actually gets out of jail, but then loses her freedom trying to save a little girl from plunging off a dam. That's all I remember about the movie. I can't remember if it was true or not, but it was similar to the Fugitive.
07 November 2016 @ 04:43 am
Trying to remember the artist and album from my childhood. My dad had an album - actual vinyl LP - of it. I remember only that it had a picture of a white or silver guitar (or some other stringed instrument of similar design) flying in a blue sky. I don't know if this is enough to go on or not, but I haven't the foggiest what to Google. Though I did try Googling "Guitar flying in the sky album" and variations thereof, just in case someone else tried remembering it the same way I did. But no dice.

Anyway, I'll be grateful if anyone can figure out what I'm looking for.

Edit: Found, thanks! "Brothers In Arms" by Dire Straights.