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09 February 2016 @ 06:08 pm
I was watching a music video on YouTube a coupl'a weeks ago that I'm approximately 90% sure was a Florence + The Machine song, but I can't remember which one it was. All I remember about the video was that it fairly prominently featured a guy in full-body dark blue (might have been sparkly/shimmery?) makeup (not the blue girls in the Dog Days Are Over vid) doing a wild, writhing dance. I've searched her videos on YouTube for the past hour and can't seem to find it again. Anyone know which song/video it is, or if it's even F+ATM?
20 January 2016 @ 10:11 pm
I was just reading a book and came across a line that reminded me of a short story I'd read online some years back (probably around 2008-2010). The basic plot was that someone (I think a woman? I don't remember their name, if it was mentioned) had died and gone to Hell (or possibly Purgatory?), but Hell/Purgatory was depicted as a rather shabby diner (like from the '50s). I think they had to stay there for like... a year? Some preset length of time, anyway, and after it had elapsed I think they could choose to stay or go as they pleased. The Devil/Satan/Lucifer/whatever you want to call him was rather pleasant and amiable to the woman, as I recall, and they had pretty long conversations about stuff iirc. I don't remember much beyond that.
all i really remember about the documentary was the director (i think?) was looking for someone or investigating something and ended up finding a old actress (again, i think?) in an apartment. she was not living the high life by any means. if i remember correctly, she was pretty grumpy and kinda rude. she was living somewhere in california, i think. i really wish i could remember any more details as this is pretty vague. i definitely realize this is a longshot because my memories are so vague but it's been bothering me for the past few days. thanks for any help.

edit: the documentary is girl 27
11 January 2016 @ 03:17 pm
On my journal cover in 2000, I scribbled a bunch of sourceless quotes and song lyrics. Google is coming up empty on these line. Do you recognize it?

He said
Didn't come here to take you away
I'm not the reaper man
Just here to tell you that your world is in trouble
Do what you can

I have a faint tune in my head, so unless I made it up it's most likely from a song. May be related to this other selection of words, which I also cannot find on Google:

Black angel
Came (come?)
over me
Black angel
Set me free
There's an image I'm trying to find, that I know enough about where I should be able to find it, but I've spent over an hour on Google and Tumblr both trying to find it, to no avail.

Details: A gif that is a scene from the anime "One Punch Man," wherein the bald dude is reading a hate mail letter, and his only reaction to it is "Here's a guy with free time."

I don't know why it's become so hard to find, when I've seen that post on my Dash dozens of times in the last few weeks, but it is. So I would be greatly relieved to finally be able to track it down.

Apologies in advance if this doesn't fit the community. Thanks in advance if someone can find it for me. (With more thanks to come if you do.)

EDIT: Someone found it for me. Thanks!
07 January 2016 @ 07:48 am
This is a huge shot in the dark but here goes. I'm looking for a title of a book. This book is nonfiction and covers beginning philosophy arguments from across the board. Each chapter was a different argument and, because it was a beginner book, it didn't go too much in depth.

The two things that stand out are that a) these chapters covered only one argument at a time and specifically didn't go into detail on the philosophers or their entire doctrine and b) the title was something like 50 discussions of famous philosophy arguments. So for example, there was a chapter on Plato's Allegory of the Cave. It just covered that and the pro's/con's, etc of that.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? It's been several years since I read it but I don't know long it's been published.

My memories about this are a bit hazy, it having been so long ago, but I thought it was an episode of ABC's After School Specials.  I went through the list of episodes as well as CBS's Schoolbreak Specials, though, and I didn't see anything that sounded like what I was thinking of.  And I don't think it would have been a Weekend Special due to the topic and that I'm pretty sure I watched it on a weekday.  It might have been in the evening, so maybe it was something else entirely.  I don't recall it being very long, though, so I don't think it was a full-length movie.  Anyway, it was about two kids (maybe around 11-13 years old???) who begin an intimate relationship with each other that I seem to recall being taboo for reasons other than their ages, like they were cousins or step-siblings... or maybe even same-sex???  (I seem to recall actually not being sure about the gender of at least one of them, so I think they probably had similar hair styles/lengths and they were young, so my confusion over gender could have been due to the boy--if it was a boy--not having hit puberty yet.)   They would arrange to have romantic moments together and I think there was a scene where they took a bath together.  I remember it seemed like they were trying to act like adults.  The most specific thing I remember was in one scene, where they were alone in what might have been a second home or cabin or something, and the girl says to the (boy? other girl?), "take me, I'm yours!"  For some reason, that always stuck with me.  XD  They get caught by their parents and have to end their forbidden relationship before they get to do anything particularly interesting.   This would have been early 80s, I should think.


*Edited to add newly remembered details.

**PROBABLY solved:  "Rich Kids" from 1979.  Thanks!

31 December 2015 @ 08:51 pm
I watched this movie online a few months ago, and cannot remember the name of it. It is about a teenage girl - I am almost certain that she is blonde - who fantasises about a man who is currently on trial for a crime. Or he might be an escaped criminal.

I think there was a scene where - NSFW details ahead - she fantasises about them having sex, with him taking her from behind.

There was another scene where her mother's boyfriend/husband gropes her in the kitchen and she is annoyed. The movie implies that the stepfather/mother's boyfriend molested or raped her. Or she had consensual sex with him, but wants to forget it.
29 December 2015 @ 10:33 pm
My family and I were talking about downloading consciousnesses and it made my brother and I think of a tv episode (we think) that we saw once. We thought it might be Futurama, but I couldn't find the episode with googling it, so maybe not. In the episode there's a guy who downloads his consciousness when he's close to dying so he can advise his family on the family business. They listen to him for like a day and then lock him away. Later on his grandson finds him and reactivates him or whatever. He sees that everything's gone to hell and wants to fix it so he downloads himself into his grandson.

I hope this rings a bell with someone. Thanks!
28 December 2015 @ 10:34 pm
Hi everyone!

My husband is looking for the title of a documentary about voting he saw in school in the mid-80's, but he feels it could have been made in the 1970s to early 80s.

It was in color, shot on film, probably under an hour long. The main thing he remembers is that there was a camera man who followed the man who hikes down and collects the ballots from the people who live in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The rest of the film might have been about voting as it pertains to other parts of America.

He says it seemed like the sort of thing that was made to be shown to kids in school, probably not shown on general TV except maybe PBS.