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What was that one?!

You know, that one!!

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What Was That One . . .
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"what was that one . . . "

What was that one commercial with the guy doing the stupid dance?
What was that one song with the line that said something about a fat man?
What was that one thing about the San Francisco Vampire?

We all know the feeling.

You're sitting there trying to remember some odd tidbit about politics, history, science, pop culture, whatever. No one is able to help, and all your friends are sitting around biting their lips and snapping their fingers trying to remember. And you guys start thinking about it all day, knowing it'll bother you if you can't friggin' figure out what "that one" was.

This community is for people who want to pose a question like that to a huge group of people who might be able to help them out, or people who know all the answers and can deliver them quick as lightning.

Rules (there has to be a few)
- No promos, trolls, or spam -- they merit an instant ban.
- Flaming, rudeness, and other LJ drama are also grounds for banning.

Posting Requests (from the mods and the members)
- This is not a random questions community! We are here to help you remember things, not to show you around the internet. Please think twice before you post!
- Before you post, please check with Google (or any of the appropriate databases listed below); your answer may be right there!
- When posting, please be as specific as possible, and include any details you can!
- If possible, please edit your posts with the correct answers below the original questions in your post for faster archive browsing. :)
- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT "strike" the question out once it's been answered, other's may want to be able to read it later, to trigger their own memory!
- ** NEW! ** Please try to tag your posts with keywords, so our community can become a searchable database! READ THIS for details on how to correctly tag your 'whatwas' post.

"NSFW" content is not, in itself, an offense that merits a ban -- that is to be judged on a case-by-case basis. This community does not claim to be "work safe." There may be some NSFW words or images present, though our members are generally good about self-censoring. (Keep it up, folks!) However, if you are viewing any part of LJ at work, you are doing so at your own risk.

Thank you! :D

Helpful Resource Sites (if you have any to add, contact the mod)
- Google Search Tips - How to make the best of your search
- IMDb - For anything relating to movies (actors, actresses, sometimes even soundtrack listings)
- TV Tome - A huge (and still growing) resource for TV shows, even the very obscure
- BCDb - The self-explanatory Big Cartoon Database
- Video Game Db - The self-explanatory Video Game Database
- LetsSingIt - A great lyrics site where you can search for songs by lyrics
- WikiPedia - The ever-growing "free encyclopedia" of nearly everything imaginable
- Snopes - Essential for checking facts about history, hoodwink, and legend
- QuoteWorld - A good place to start when looking for whoever said that one thing
- X Entertainment - Specializing in '80s obscurity
- 80s Cartoons - Specializing in, well, '80s cartoons!
- AdTunes - A great place to search for music featured in advertisement
- WhatsThatCalled - Another great site for finding info on music played on TV
- OldTimeCandy - Got a sweets-related question? Check this site first!
- SongTapper - Try this neat Flash tool, and see if it'll help you remember "that one song"
- Classic TV Database - Database for classic television shows, searchable by show, character, and actor

Other communities to check out:
whatwasthatbook · whatwasthatfilm · whatwasthatsong
More concentrated communities to suit your very specific needs!

Questions and comments regarding the community itself can be posted to:
pinkerdot: founder
natsukigirl: co-maintainer

kaeorin & manda_babylon: moderators

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